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Social Networks

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Introduction to Social Networking for Nonprofits

(Also see My Space for Nonprofits)


When we talk about online social networks, we're talking about using Internet tools to communicate and connect with other people. Belonging to a Yahoo Group or sending an e-mail is a form of online social networking. Sharing social bookmarks, using Flickr and uploading videos to YouTube are also social networking activities. Then we have social networking sites, like MySpace, Care2 and Facebook.


In the nonprofit world, social networks can be a powerful force for advocacy and fundraising. Nonprofits have always used connections with people to do their work, so the concept of using your network is nothing new.


What's exciting about the new breed of online tools is that they have been specifically designed for connection, communication and collaboration. They make it easy for people to identify and connect to other people who share their interests and passions, all over the world. Rather than having just a local reach, you can create a regional, national or international audience with the right use of these tools to communicate about your cause.


To get an overview of what social networking can do for you, check out this article from TechSoup.


Then check out some of these other resources to learn about how to use specific social networking tools:

Using Social Networking to Stop Genocide



Care2"helps activists network and mobilize around specific issues, from human rights to environmental protection. Care2 lets you create or join groups devoted to a cause; start and sign petitions that can be sent to Congress and other lawmakers; share and browse photos; post to message boards; solicit donations; and publicize your organization's events. Currently, Care2 has more than 5 million members."


Idealist.org is a project of Action Without Borders. It aims to connect volunteers and potential employees with the nonprofit organizations that need them.


Using MySpace 


Best Practices for Using MySpace in Nonprofits


Should MySpace Be Your Space?


Advice on Using MySpace with Nonprofits--A round-up of information from Beth Kanter.


MySpace Best Practices from Diosa.


 Using Facebook


Using Facebook in Nonprofits--A Basic Overview


Wild Apricot's Beginner's Guide to Using Facebook in Nonprofits


Promote Your Cause on Facebook in Five Easy Steps


High Speed Organizing on Facebook


30+ Awesome Applications for Facebook




Create Your Own Social Networking Site


Ning is a free service for setting up your own social networking site. This podcast walks you through the process.










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