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Mashups for Nonprofits

A mashup is a website or web-based application that seamlessly combines content from two or more different sources into one integrated experience.


For example, Frappr combines data from Google maps with data from your website or blog traffic to show the locations of your site visitors in a map format.


Mashups have also been used to create customized "charity malls" that let users shop through a nonprofit's website. Other mashups allow users to search for Flickr photos through you sites.


Many organizations, such as Google and Amazon, are making their data available freely available for developers to build mashups. Creating a mashup currently requires some level of programming expertise, although tools are being developed so that nonprogrammers can create their own simple mashups.


For more information on creating mashups for nonprofits, try this article from TechSoup.


You might also want to read this article on how to use a free tool called Wayfaring to create your own maps.

The New York Coalition Against Hunger has also combined map technology and a database of New York soup kitchens. Users of the site can search for local soup kitchens and locate them directly on a map of the city.


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has developed a map they call "Be the Full Stop" that how the actions of individual fundraisers, donors, campaigners, volunteers link up across the country “to create an unstoppable force against child cruelty.” You can see the map here and learn more about it here.

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