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Marketing with Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 tools are no substitute for having a well-crafted message with the right copy and visuals to tell your story. But these tools CAN help you re-think how you're marketing to your various stakeholder groups. They can also give you additional ideas on how to refine your messages.


Start With Your Marketing Message

Spitfire Strategies has an easy-to-use chart and communication booklet that can help you craft a compelling, articulate message. It's a good place to start before you begin exploring specific tools.


Also try their booklet Discovering the Activation Point, which describes a step-by-step process for moving people to action in support of your cause.

Create an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

The Nonprofit Online News has an excellent introduction to the various ways you can use e-mail to market to your stakeholders.




Use Your Blog to . . .


Answer Constituent Questions

One of the ASPCA's strategies for using their blog is to answer constituent questions.



Put A Human Face on Your Cause

Abolish the Death Penalty has created a blog specifically to share the personal stories of individuals on death row, their loved ones and the activists that support the cause.



Record and Upload Audio Podcasts

First Book records audio interviews with children's book authors and uploads them to their site. Their mission is to help low-income children get and read their first books, so this fits in perfectly with their message.


Share Free Stuff

At the website for The Bridge, supporters can download for free:


  • Screens for their desktop
  • Mp3 files of music produced especially for the project
  • Designs and banners for MySpace pages
  • Icons for Instant Messenger
  • Banners and logos to post on websites and blogs
  • T-shirt iron-ons


By allowing users to download these digital files, The Bridge is able to use its supporters to spread free advertising across the Internet and in real life.

Create Community By Helping Constituents Tell Their Stories

The March of Dimes recognizes that a key service it provides to its constituents is the opportunity to share stories and connect with other parents. One service it provides on its website is a section where parents can write and share the story of their experiences or create a blog.

Create a Flickr Account and Use Photos to . . .


Create an Annual Report in Pictures

Interplast's volunteer surgeons and nurses perform plastic surgery on children around the world to correct birth defects. They've created a touching annual report consisting of photos of the many children they've helped.


Run a "Swag" Contest

Creative Commons invites users to join their \"Swag\" Contest where participants take a picture of themselves with Creative Commons paraphernalia and then post it to Flickr.

Other Marketing Tools and Devices


Monitor Your Online Reputation

Read how Samaritan's Purse monitors online word of mouth and responds to both positive and negative online messages about their organization. Then check out this Online Reputation Monitoring Beginner's Guide to see how your organization can keep track of the online buzz about nonprofits in general, your segment of the nonprofit universe, and your particular organization.


Wage a Web/Tech Marketing Campaign with Concrete Steps Your Supporters Can Take

Check out Take Back the Tech's Action Items to identify great action steps you can put together for your own organization's web campaign.

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