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Flickr Photosharing

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Photosharing for Nonprofits

We all know that a picture's worth a thousand words. Flickr and other photosharing sites allow people and organizations to share their digital photos with either individual people they select to view the pictures or the entire world so they can say much more with photos.


Launch Your Fundraising Campaign

The Children at Risk Foundation is using Flickr for its annual fundraising campaign. They are asking supporters to donate $10 per person to support their street kids programs and to contribute their own photos to their Flickr group.

Run a Photo Contest to Engage Staff, Volunteers and/or Donors

The Nature Conservancy is running a photo contest for individuals to contribute their own nature photography. Winners will be featured online and in a calendar. More than 1500 photographers have contributed over 7,000 photos.


Learn how to use Flickr to Embed Slideshows into your site or blog.


Picnik is a free online photo editor that works well with Flickr. Particularly useful if you don't have access to photo editing software on your computer.




Find Photos to Use on Your Blog or in Presentations

If you want to find other people's photos to use in presentations, on your blog, etc., your easiest and best source can be Flickr. But to use these photos, they must have what's known as a Creative Commons Licenses. You can search for Creative Commons Flickr photos using flickrcc.



AIDG Shares Photos



DoggySnaps is a UK-based photosharing site for petlovers.  Steve Bridger explores their community-building strategies.


Museum 2.0 talks about why museums should be using Flickr. (Via Beth Kanter)





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